• Ka Cox

    Ka Cox

    photo courtesy of Vanda Morton

  • Will Arnold-Forster

    Will Arnold-Forster

    photo courtesy of Vanda Morton

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Welcome to my website.  See my blog for the latest.  Unfortunatly, owing to unwanted spam, I have restricted all comments to my contact me page.  I will reply to all genuine comments and disregard the rest.

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Are you black or white? Does either colour describe you accurately? Did you know that those of us who are described in such a way are the only population groups in the western world, and particularly in the media, to be described by our colour rather than our ethnic or cultural heritage or our nationality? Did you know those terms have their roots in the slave trade? Are they acceptable terms? I don’t think so.

That is why I am asking you to consider signing this petition:


You can find out more at http://blackofrespect.co.uk/

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Patrick Finucane was a human rights lawyer in Northern Ireland who was murdered in on 12th February 1989.  The British government has admitted collusion in his murder, but refuses to hold a public inquiry.  For more information, see here:

For a report of a moving interview with his widow Geraldine, see here:

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As someone who has reason to believe my emails were hacked when I was working for a charity, I support the Hacked Off campaign.  For more information and to sign up yourself, see my blog.  See also my Hacked Off  page.

If you want to know why press regulation is necessary, watch out for The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies – a great film.  See my blog for more.

Message 5


Work continues apace on the lives of this remarkable couple.  Please see my biography page for more details.  Maybe you can help with some of my unanswered questions?  These have recently been updated. See if you can identify my mystery man, or explain what Will Arnold-Forster was doing in Jamaica in WW1, or in the USA in 1931, or maybe you know why Ka never claimed Rupert Brooke’s papers, or when she stayed with Maynard Keynes.  Or perhaps you know why Will always called his artist friend Elliott Seabrooke “Mike”, or where the early records of the St Ives Art Club are to be found.  Or you might be able to tell me who lived at 18a Belsize Lane, London NW3 in 1939 and what his or her connection was with Will.  Did you buy or sell 6 of Will’s sketch books on Ebay in 2012?