Unknown guests at Ka’s Memorial Service

Ka Cox’s Memorial Service took place at St Martin in the Fields on 8th June 1938. A list of prestigious guests was published in The Cornishman on 9th June. I have managed to identify nearly all of them, but there are a few I can’t place.


They may have been connected to Ka Cox through any of the following ways:

a)  her wartime relief work with Serbian refugees on Corsica during WW1

b)  her wartime work at the Admiralty

c)  her work supporting nursing

d)  her work as a magistrate

e)  her interest in health and fitness

f)   her interest in education

g)   her association with Newnham College, Cambridge

h)   her work for the League of Nations Union

i)    her support for votes for women

j)    the preservation of the countryside and agriculture.


They may also have been connected to Will Arnold-Forster through:

a)  his art

b)  the Labour Party

c)  his wartime work at the Admiralty

d)  his work for the League of Nations Union

e)  his gardening.


These are the guests I cannot identify.


Mrs A R Windle


Miss Brooke (possibly a relative of Rupert Brooke or Justin Brooke, or else Ka’s friend Margaret Brooke, the former Ranee of Sarawak)

Mlle Bordes, also representing Hilda Lady Corrie

Miss Bell, also representing Dame Adelaide Livingston [organiser of the peace ballot – it’s Miss Bell I can’t identify]

Mr Charles Evans (may have been a friend of Mark Arnold-Forster, Ka and Will’s son)

Mrs A S How

Miss E H Kettle

Mrs Harold King

Miss Alison King

Miss T Lawrence (just possibly a relative of T E Lawrence)

Miss M Nugent

Miss M Pallis (botanist/gardener?)

Mrs Reade (possibly Marjorie, wife of Charles Compton Reade who pioneered garden cities)

Miss C J Sketchley

Miss Rose Sketchley

Mrs Marshall Smith


If you know, or think you know, who any of these people are, I should be most grateful if you would contact me with any information you may have.


Thankyou very much.