Hacked Off





Hacked Off campaigns for a free and accountable press.  Established in 2011, it has become an influential movement for change in UK press regulation policy.  More than 175,000 members of the public signed their petition calling for implementation of the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry.  They also work with, and have the support of, many victims of press abuses.  Hacked Off is working for the implementation of the cross-party royal charter on the press and the establishment of effective and independent self-regulation for newspapers in line with the Leveson recommendations.  They and their supporters want to ensure that the public are better protected against unscrupulous press practices in the future, and are provided with affordable, fair and straightforward redress when things go wrong. 

I support hacked off because my confidential emails were hacked when I was the Director of a small charity, British Irish RIGHTS WATCH. 

You can visit Hacked Off’s website here and on that same page you can join over 200 leading figures in the world of art and literature, science and academia, and human rights and the law by signing their Declaration in support of the implementation of the Leveson Inquiry.

I gave evidence to the Leveson Inquiry, which you can read here .

I have also written a couple of blogs for Hacked Off, which you can see here (just search for Jane Winter). 

If you are interested in following the hacking trials , you can get unbiased coverage from Hacked Off here .